OSI wants to Educate you on – LED Lighting

May 23rd, 2014

LED will take over the lighting world replacing florescent, incandescent, HID and is the GREEN approach to take. In a dynamic world economy that offers little opportunity to increase profits and is almost impossible to Reduce Fixed Costs we are offering you a chance to do both. We hope you will look at the Massive benefits LED provides you. With Energy Savings of 80%, Maintenance Savings of 80% and along with your Reduced Carbon Footprint we think you will pick…

Cool Fin Tube Carries a full 5 year Warranty

April 30th, 2013

Cool Fin’s world class LED Florescent replacement tube now carries a full 5 year warranty complete with new LM79 reports. DLC certification in process now. The new LM79 report boasts a 2000 lumen output average with a miniscule 18W consumption factor and in many cases is replacing T8 Florescent 2 to 1, a 73% energy reduction with an ROI of two years.  Cold weather performance is unheard of with traditional lighting and unmatched in the industry. Our CSA certified tube…